Can I successfully grow herbs indoor but away from a window?

Question by Malaysiatrip: Can I successfully grow herbs indoor but away from a window?
The herbs will receive 1-2 hours of direct sunlight. Which herbs can I grow in this type of environment?
The plants will be shaded for most of the day. Do I still need artificial light if it’s bright indoors (no direct light at all) for 10-13 hours during the day?
I was thinking of putting the herbs on my kitchen counter, so it will also get light from the kitchen during the night. Does that count as aritificial light?

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Answer by itchybubbles
They won’t grow successfully for you.

They need direct sunlight. Herbs grown indoors are prone to powdery mildew, gnats and other problems.

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  1. Herbs generally need more light than just 1-2 hours. Will they get some time of indirect sunlight too? They still might need more. You can use a fluorescent light or a grow light to supplement the sunlight.

    I had a basil plant live and flourish all winter in a northeast facing bump-out plant window that is in front of my kitchen sink. It got about 2 hours of direct eastern sunlight in the morning, then it got indirect light the rest of the daylight hours, plus I have a light over my sink that has two 100-watt bulbs in it and one in the middle of the kitchen that has the same. Between all this, it did fine! So give it a try.