Can I start an herb garden in late summer?

Question by LOTR4EVER: Can I start an herb garden in late summer?
I’m about to plant my herb garden (I just moved into my new house). Do you think that it will be alright to start it now? I know the perrenials should be alright and I can get some use out of the annuals till the first frost. I live on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. Thanks!

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Answer by Abby
Instead of planting your herbs in the ground outside, put them in a pot on the window seal. This will expose the herbs to sunlight, and also keep them protected during the winter from the frost, they will taste yummy in a pot of stew or pasta. Good Luck :]

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  1. I too live in Maryland and I know for a fact that it will work now. I just planted my own herb garden 10 days ago and I’m already seeing green! Keep them well watered until the rain levels come up and you will be fine.Good Luck, and Congratulations on your NEW home!