can i add coffee grounds to my vegetable garden?

Question by Amber: can i add coffee grounds to my vegetable garden?
I have a small porch garden. I have small pots with my Veggies growing. I am new to gardening, i have been reading alot about coffee grounds and how they are good for plants. I just need to know if it would be a good idea to mix some used ground in the top soil of my plants? Im growing pumpkins,cucumber,zucchini,carrots and raspberries also a window herb garden. All my plants have sprouted.

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Answer by FarmCzar
All of these plants will thrive with coffee grounds added to the soil. Place them in a ring around the plant 3-4″ out from the stem, and mix them into the top inch or so of soil. If you just pile them on top, they may mold; mixing them into the soil helps them break down and release their nutrients sooner.

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  1. Diging in coffee grounds to the soil is just the same as adding compost or any other organic matter to the soil. That is, it breaks down and provided nutrients, aids proper drainage, and helps proper moisture retention. It’s a good thing.

    An example: A friend of mine had very clayey soil, so they startd collecting all the coffee grounds from the machines at work and dug them in. Over time, the soil condition and drainage has improved, it is much more workable soil, and they are getting great results from plants.