Can Herbal or Ayurvedic medicines cure prostate cancer?

Question by demerara: Can Herbal or Ayurvedic medicines cure prostate cancer?
Would like to know if Herbal or Ayurvedic medicines can cure Prostate Cancer which is in the advance stage. ?

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Answer by thinkingtime
No. If you decide to take anything like that be sure that your medical doctor knows, in case of interactions.

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  1. No, I do not think they will. I had prostate cancer and had proton radiation .. It has no side effects and a 90% cure rate.. I am fine now… It was like I was never sick.. If you would like to know more about it there is a website called PROTON BOB.. It is a really good website.. If you go there be sure and read the Patient Testimonial Section.. You will find that any one who has ever had Prostate Cancer and was treated with Proton Radiation is as sold on it as I am..