Can bee balm be grown in a patio pot?

Question by Patio gardner: Can bee balm be grown in a patio pot?
I am growing a small herb garden on my lani and have planted bee balm for the first time. Will it grow in a patio pot with chives, lavender, mint, etc.?

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Answer by justin_dowl
Bee Balm is a heavy feeder and a good organic mulch will help keep it going.

If you have enough space I recommend planting a huge bed and setting up a sitting area. Hummingbirds will come from far and wide and you can sit right next to them.

Bee Balm has a tendency to die off in the original spot planted. It’s best to disturb the soil and let it grow back in. Don’t worry about chopping up the roots they seem to like it.

best to plant outdoors, too aggressive with other plants.

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