Best way to plant an herb garden with limited space.?

Question by karkee07: Best way to plant an herb garden with limited space.?
My roommate and I would like to start an herb garden and plant some other flowers around our property. We live in a rental duplex and there isn’t much room to plant. Any tips or good sites for planting in smaller spaces. Can we plant four or five diffrent herbs in a big pot? How can I keep everthing as organic as possible?

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Answer by elfin420
use the long window planter boxes, they work well for planting 2 or 3 different types of herbs in each one, you can also use larger pots for plating such tings as tomatoes, peppers, and peas, oh yeah you can plant lettuce in those long planter boxes too, but they will need lots of TLC, feed them often, lettuce needs lots of nutrients to grow

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  1. Grow them in tight bunches in a circle, with each section devoted to a different plant – sort of like a pizza. That’s what I’ve seen some herb gardens do and it looks quite pretty.

    Certain plants like dill and fennel are hard to grow around others – search “fennel compatibility” or “fennel plant companion” so I’ve heard you can find the companions for those herbs and incompatible plants that will hinder their growth.

    Herbs are pretty no-fuss…especially chives. Literally no pests or diseases affect them.

  2. Hi:
    You have a perfect area for a container garden. Container gardens are becoming very popular today. You can put a few herbs in one pot or do a few pots of different herbs.

    Use a light weight potting soil and you can also add some organic mushroom compost to the soil. This is an organic fertilizer and your herbs will love them. It doesn’t smell great but your herbs will grow well. I have grown over thousands of herbs and if you want to germinate them from seeds you can also do that. I will link you to the spices and herb section of my website. There is a page on growing herbs from seeds.

    You may want to decide if you want to do culinary herbs, ornamental herbs, or a combination of both. The culinary are great in a variety of dishes. I will link you to the garden project section as there is an article on container gardens. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. Browse through and see if you can find any other information that may be useful to you. In the outdoor feature section there is a page on planters that may give you some ideas. Good luck to you and have a great day!

  3. I have quite a bit of space here, but I do herbs and raised garden etcetera…On the handrails of my deck I have a herb bed and a few flowers in it as well…It is simple aluminum rain gutter I purchsed from home depot…3.95 a 10 foot section…bought a bag of plastic gutter spacers, the aluminum spikes for them and attached them to my handrail then painted the aluminum to match my trim. You can also make a couple raised beds that are only about 3 feet wide and lets say 10 feet long..If you have any yard at all it is quite are a few pictures of first the herb bed..then a few raised bed ones.