Best herbs and veggies for indoor in the winter?

Question by hipichick777: Best herbs and veggies for indoor in the winter?
I live in North Texas zone 7 or 8. Fort Worth area. I am a seasoned gardner and have lots of luck outside but this year I want to save some of my herbs and grow them in the kitchen. Winter tomatoes and peppers would be nice too. We dont really have a winter but a few hard freezes that kill everything. My kitchen area has 3 windows where I want to put a large plant shelf and the exposures are West, North, and South. Will basil, oregano, chives and some veggies thrive there without full sun? What do you know are the best because of your experience? No links, please, just what worked for you….Thanks!

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Answer by ke su
Chives, thyme, basil and small peppers, you do need goodsun for herbs though at least part of the day, and veggies too.
Its worth a try.

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