Beginners’ Gardening Tips : How to Maintain an Indoor Herb Garden

Maintaining an indoor herb garden must be done very specifically and carefully. Maintain an indoor herb garden with help from a registered herbalist in this …
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Planting an Indoor Herb Garden- Week 1 Check-In.mp4

AeroGrow’s garden expert checks in on an herb garden at one week from planting.


  1. I put in 3 of the Aerogardens. I got 2 on Craigslist and bought one from them and have ordered another. They don’t make noise or not much at all. I have had them planted about 3 days and I am seeing a couple of my herbs coming up and can see a couple of the salad greens starting to come up. I don’t see any flowers coming up yet.I could have a problem with the lamps as they say they should be changed every 6 months. I put lettuces in the new one so that light is fresh.

  2. Hi, What setting do you put it on for growth like this?
    How noisy is your display of aerogardens on the wall?
    Is that a natural, organic, non-chemical liquid nutrient you could recommend for the Aerogarden?
    Thanks! :)