Aromatherapy Massage Techniques – Complete Series Our model, Tyne Roberts is available for professio…
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  2. You should only blend your own oils if you are clinically trained as they are very potent and can cause reactions if used incorrectly. You are correct that they each have a purpose and can really aid conditions but likewise they can cause issues if used when they shouldn’t be. With pre-blended oils, these will tend to be named in relation to what the blend is aimed for such as relaxation blend, energising blend etc. Always read the label, the instructions and check for oil allergies :)

  3. Thanks for your comment! It was the teaching for further education degree that I did at Stirling University. It’s worth checking out Napier University’s prospectus as they have a notable provision for taking your qualification further. Good luck :)

  4. Thanks! I studied in Glasgow then later at Stirling University but I hear that UHI has a great training provision. Definitely go for the Complementary Therapies HND if it interests you – so fulfilling a subject area and a great asset whether you choose to then work in the industry of not :)