Aromatherapy – Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil Lavender oil is my favourite of all the essential oils. The smell of the real oil can lift you o…
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This is an introduction to using essential oils safely in skincare. Essential oils offer many positive benefits. However, it’s extremely important to know ho…
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  3. do they label the difference btwn Lavendar and Lavendin? I fell in LOVE with Lavendar oil when I was looking for substitute for sleeping pills. It worked like magic (altho’ it has weakened its potency over the years) and I have always kept a bottle of lavendar oil since then. I recently found out its benefit for cuts and as a disinfectant. Will it help scars? Is it safe to apply the oil directly to the skin?

  4. I often use pure tea tree on my skin, but only as a spot treatment! It works well for me, but can be way too harsh for many people. I just dip my q-tip in the oil and dab on blemishes that have come to head (never on cystic acne or healing/broken skin)

  5. hi, Does lavender oil get rid of very mild acne scars? Is it okay to dilute the lavender oil with the body shop tea tree oil…cos that’s the only tea tree oil that i get here…please please let me know.Thanks!! :)

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  7. How do you use Argan oil on the face? Can you apply it pure or do you dilute it with a face cream or another oil? I’m a little scared of oils applied directly on the skin, I’m always afraid they could break me out! (I have combination/dry skin)

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all these great tips and information. I Have learned so much about healthy nails from your videos, and I am very grateful for this video on oils from you too. I watch your videos just about every day for tips, and inspiration.. so again thank you! :)