aquaponics kitchen herb garden

3 weeks growing aquaponics herbs fresh in the kitchen.
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  1. The fish poo is changed by the bacteria that lives in the grow bed. Ammonia in the fish poo is eaten if you like,by the bacteria, which converts the fish waste into nutrients plants use to grow.
    Lettuce tastes like lettuce,strawberries taste like strawberries and the fish.. taste like fish.

  2. Heh, I was in the store the other day and noticed the kitty litter trays and thought to myself, “Gee, those are just the right size for a small [hydro/aqua]ponics system.”

    Thanks for proving me right. :-)

  3. Hydroponics has always fascinated me. I just stumbled across aquaponics recently and it’s got me really interested. I feel like hydroponics is so much more cleaner and advanced with growing stuff really fast and huge. My only thing about aquaponics is re-circulating fish poop water. I know it’s balanced with chemicals and they work in tandem, I just feel like the plants would taste funky because of fish poop though.

  4. How is the flavor? I am one week away from starting the same setup pretty well. The siphon is my greatest fear but I am armed with many great diy tips so am fairly confident. I really wonder if the flavor will be anywhere as good as an outdoor garden. I have a nice south facing window that I think will cover the light might look for a nice little led like yours though to extend the hours. Thank you for the video!

  5. Hi, no offense taken! If you google Hydroponics you will get about 10,000,000 results. Aquaponics will get you around 1,640,000 results. In the USA. 1/3 of all fancy lettuce is grown by Hydroponics. Almost 1/10 of table tomatoes in the USA. are grown using Hydroponics. But it is happening here and now and is growing at a more rapid pace than you can imagine. Within the next 15 years 75% of all strawberry’s will be grown by Hydroponics or Aquaponics and to a smaller degree Orgaponics.

  6. No offense… I wouldn’t call it “big” in the USA. e.g. If you said aquaponics, most people would have no clue what you are talking about. Even HYDROponics isn’t what I would call big, and it’s certainly more popular than aquaponics.
    As I said, it seems to be one of those things that people say “should happen”, but never does.

  7. Hi, Aquaponics is also big in the USA. It has become more popular as people are getting more educated on the crap that is starting to turn up at the supermarkets. People in general do not want or need GMO foods. It is not a fad, also people want to feed there family’s fruit and vegetables free of all the bad chemicals that are sprayed to make them grow. (“Aquaponics and Orgaponics are Organics at it’s best”)

  8. Why is aquaponics seemingly done Aussies? Is it something of a fad there? I’ve heard Australia has drought issues. Is this something that’s come on out of necessity? Or is this something that people HOPE will catch on, and are just starting to do because of that?

    Here in US, it’s totally a small niche hobby, by select few people. But I wonder whether aquaponics is more of necessity in AUS, or is it just another fad that people WANT to happen, but it never really will.