Anyone have good tips for an indoor herb garden?

Question by afwife: Anyone have good tips for an indoor herb garden?
I have never even had a real plant, but I’m interested in growing my own herbs indoors. Where is a good place to purchase what is needed for one? What are some helpful tips in growing and maintaining?

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Answer by gale
Since I don’t know how much room you have or what kind of lighting( sunlight from a south facing window or artificial)you have. It’s hard to give you a good opinion. has a good selection of herbs, both plant and seeds, that you can order. But, I personally would suggest going to your local garden shop and asking them for help. Most are more than willing to help you find herbs you like and are easy to care for as a beginner. good luck!

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  1. Lack of sufficient light is the main problem that most people have with regards to growing herbs indoors. Be sure to keep them in a sunny window or provide supplimental artificial light for them. Also try using a top quality potting soil, I use Miracle Gro because of the slow release fertilizer which lasts about 3 months. The easiest way to have a good start to your garden is to get small plants/seedlings from a nursery or garden shop.Their knowledgeable employees can be a great resource for growing any type of plant, indoors or out.