An American Practice Part 1

This is the story of the Eclectics, a group of “irregular” physicians who were active from about 1840 to 1940. They used a lot of herbs in their practice. Th…
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An informative and instructive video for beginners on the gathering and traditional use of herbs. Learn: The nine most commonly used herbs for treating a var…
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  1. And what if i told you I didn’t personally believe in your ”Father”? ”LOL” right? Don’t be ignorant, some people don’t have your beliefs, get over it and don’t judge people for it.

  2. I am a Christian and don’t believe in the Native American Spiritualism aspects of her video, but I absolutely respect and value her knowledge. Too many people are immature and have no respect for others. Take the trash talk to your own video comments, I’m sure like minded people will be willing to join you.

    I only scroll down to read comments because someone might actually have something to contribute to the conversation, unfortunately, you have to sift thru the garbage

  3. Don’t lol other people, it’s rude. Different people believe in different things. not everyone believes in your God. that doesn’t mean others are bad people or need laughing, mocking, or corrections. Men and Women both deserve to be valued for what they being to the world. It’s not about a father being first, not for everyone, it’s about wholeness. Cripes.

  4. You are a woman of great herbal wisdom.You have an a old spirit about you. Like almost a reicarnated being, but not really!Keep teaching and learning.You have native american spirits around you.

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