a Hijama / cupping treatment in the UAE.

Unani medicine is a very old system of medicine which have been developed scientifically. There are four type of treatment available 1. Regimental therapy, 2…
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  1. salam, hijama is a great treatment. this is the only one treatment that after finishing the hijma process you will feel well and may be free of all your past diseases. it is not neceassary to prove by science. science is nothing but when our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad salla lahu alaihe wassallam said that it is better than all treatment and there is shifa in this treatment. enough for muslims.

  2. salaamualaikum dear brother.please disregard my earlier comments .i have changed some of my views on cupping.i”ve been performing hijama for 4 yrs now and well certified by arab doctors from syria ( aminsheikho ). i have also contacted ulama on this subject since there”s alot of different views on this great sunnah.theres a series videos on yt called correct cupping.these are the people who certified for hijama therapy.cupping is simple and if done by the rules,you get great benefit from it.

  3. Bro I want to get Hijama done but I’m a bit worried after reading your comment. Please can you inbox me some more information about it, and where did you get your information from… Jazakallah Khair

  4. Ahh, hence all these new diseases that we are now encountering such as Aids, Colitis, Crohns, an increase in cancer – brain, nerve, colon, cellular e.t.c I mean man, while you are all about modern shit, please realize how modernly worse we have become. If we only had the diseases we had prior to 200 years ago, our lives would’ve been way better. Dont forget that when someone back then had retardation or something like colitis they were literally considered out of this world (proof of rarity)

  5. not a simple procedure like blood letting there are specific points & timings in particular disorders.The total concept of Hijama is based on Unani system of medicine which supposes body comprise of Four different kind of Fluids (Humours) i.e Blood, Phlegm,Yellow Bile & Black bile. All these humours have to b in balanced state for a person to b healthy . Basically these balanced can b achieved through Hijama.

  6. Hijama was obviously being practiced since more than 2000 years. Later on it was discouraged for certain period as it did not had any scientific backing but since 2005 again the interest had grown after finding evidences in curing Migraine, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension,female infertility,sciatica,autoimmune disorders,SLE etc.The success in curing depends on who is performing the procedure.Since it is @ihacksorzz

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  8. Hijama has no scientific evidence of any benefits from treatment. Bloodletting was practiced for 2,000 years until the 19th century and we now know for a fact, it doesn’t have any benefits but actually harms people instead. There is nothing scientific about this, its only bloodletting, an outdated naive system of medicine that was replaced by modern medicine and modern science. We have modern medicine for a reason, because this stuff doesn’t work, its fake.

  9. to unanidoctor.i got my knowledge from the late muhammed amin sheikho of syria,the renowned humane scholar.i am also a cupper and now the art very well.my aim is to distinguish viewers from the wrong way to the right way of doing hijamah.i dont mean no disrespect to anyone but constructive criticism should not bother anyone.wet cupping between shoulders is suffient.dry cupping is another story.of course ,one can dry cup those 150 points that you mentioned.but not to be wet cupped

  10. Half knowledge is really dangerous. You have proved it . You are posting your foolish comment on the video of a qualified & licensed medical practitioner. It is not being done by an imam or non medical professional. there are more than 150 hijama points were suction cups r applied to treat different ailments.

  11. viewers please beware.most hijamah videos on youtube are done incorrectly,like this one.poor guy.cupping must be done only in the spring months,on an empty stomach after sun rise.cupping between the shoulder blades is suffient.there is no need to cup the head,neck,tail bone and or the inner ankle bone on the feet.cupping can be done on men of 20 years of age and women when their menstral cycle ends.about 50 years of age