# 130 – *Soft Spoken* Aromatherapy Massage Relaxation

# 130 - *Soft Spoken* Aromatherapy Massage Relaxation

Hey guys :) I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have been supporting me, sending me so many nice messages and comments. I appreciate you al…
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. at first your voice creeped me out but that’s because I was expecting it to be on a white girl haha. im guessing youre Asian. sorry im really high on acid. my minds pretty cool right now but my heads just pissing itself laughing. like a mad scientist. :) the mad scientists are alllllways on acid I bet haha.. im gonna go iv been typing random shit that’s sounds good in my head but probably isn’t cool for like an hour.and still my heads pissing itself laughing and I should prob calm it with a toke

  2. Thanks for this relaxation video i went to sleep for hours by listening to this :) . And then my family woke me up by shouting my name, knocking on my door and turning on the lights. I looked at the headphones and said I wish I had soft people like you here in my world.

  3. Hello dear Crystal, thank you for taking the te to make these beautiful videos for people like me. I think you speak beautifully and love the slight British accent. I have insomnia, and I listen to the tapes repeatedly so I get to be in a nice mellow state. The aromatherapy is my favorite. You are also very knowledgeable on all the topics you touch upon. Wishing you peace and love.